Carbon steel

Stainless steel


Brass and other materials:


We have the latest cutting technology, with 4 MW fibre laser cutting machines with autoloader, as well as a 3MW CO2 laser cutting. We also have a 31-position multi-station punching machine and more than 200 tools for cutting, stamping and embossing.

Cutting of a 1 mm carbon steel sample plate

Sample of different punching processes


Thanks to the experience gathered over more than 75 years and the most modern machinery, at Talleres Doval we can manufacture complex parts of special materials, which would be very difficult to produce without these means. Here we show you different processes and their results:

Cutting and bending of crane parts

  • High elastic limit steel part
  • Laser cutting
  • Self-correcting bending angle and automatic calculation of the elastic return.

Bending of a carbon steel part

  • Buffers at various depths
  • Automatic bending angle correction.
  • Three-dimensional view of the correct position of the part.


Sanding and satin finishing of 1 mm sample plate


From a small special one-of-a-kind part to large series, we can manufacture and automate the production of any quantity requested.

  • Small Series:

  • Large Series:

This is an example of automated cutting of different parts:

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